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Nestled within the picturesque Bankhead National Forest of Alabama, Lewis Smith Lake emerges as a majestic oasis, offering a haven of natural beauty and serenity. The allure of Smith Lake real estate is an undeniable testament to its unparalleled charm, cherished by both homeowners and visitors privileged to experience this hidden gem.

The pristine, crystal-clear waters of Smith Lake bestow a refreshing ambiance, a hallmark of the Smith Lake lifestyle that evokes a small-town feel, brimming with joy, relaxation, and cherished family moments. From Smith Lake houses with convenient access to the shoreline to Lewis Smith Lake homes boasting breathtaking mountain vistas, the options are diverse and captivating.

Smith Lake real estate stands as one of the most coveted and versatile properties in the nation, set amidst the backdrop of one of the cleanest lakes in the country. If you have a penchant for residing amidst unspoiled natural beauty, owning a Smith Lake house becomes an irresistible dream come true, transforming this paradise into your forever home. When the time is right to make the Lewis Smith Lake homes for sale your own, reach out to Smith Lake real estate agent Lee Mckibben. I am dedicated to facilitating your journey to acquire Smith Lake real estate, offering a friendly and supportive approach. As a passionate advocate of Smith Lake, I believe the pursuit of your dream home should be an exciting adventure.

Lewis Smith Lake
Lewis Smith Lake


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Smith Lake Houses $1,000,000 and UP

About Lee McKibben – Smith Lake Real Estate Agent

“I specialize in getting YOU on Smith Lake ASAP!”

My deep-rooted connection to this remarkable reservoir extends to my childhood, as I have been a full-time resident of Smith Lake for over two decades, residing on both the Cullman County and Winston County shores of the lake. I am proud to call this scenic mountain lake my home, sharing its pristine, deep waters with my son and his friends to nurture their love for the outdoors.

The beauty resonating from the crystal-clear water and the gentle whispers of the Bankhead National Forest is something to be cherished. I am the Smith Lake real estate agent who values communication, committed to promptly responding to calls and emails from those seeking Lewis Smith Lake homes for sale. I understand that effective communication is the cornerstone of building successful client relationships.

Dedicated to fulfilling the unique needs of my clients who inevitably become my friends, I bring a wealth of experience, having previously been licensed with All Four Real Estate, Inc. – The Smith Lake Specialists, and now, with NuWave Realty, centrally located on Lewis Smith Lake in Winston County, close to Duncan Bridge Marina. Our service extends across the entire lake, ensuring your quest for the perfect Smith Lake house is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Explore the array of houses for sale on Smith Lake, and let us guide you on your journey to discover the perfect Lewis Smith Lake home that aligns with your dreams and aspirations.

Houses for sale on Smith Lake

Smith Lake Real Estate Agent

Helping find your Lewis Smith Lake Homes

My primary concern as your Smith Lake Real Estate Agent is to help you buy or sell Smith Lake real estate at the best terms possible and in the most efficient manner. It is very important to me for you to see me as an invaluable asset. I am aware that many buyers and sellers do not live near their properties, and I want you to be able to both trust and depend on me to look out for your best interests.  

I have personally bought and sold land and houses on Smith Lake, I have built houses and boat docks, and I have assembled and installed boat lifts. This experience gives me unmatched knowledge of the excitement, stress, and challenges that my clients face when buying or selling real estate, especially on the lake. I am not your ordinary Smith Lake real estate agent. I have so much more to offer. I am proficient in valuation, negotiation, and mapping.

I also possess a thorough knowledge of Smith Lake via land and water. You will immediately appreciate the wealth of knowledge that I will provide you, and see that I strive hard to resolve any problems that may arise. If I do not have an immediate solution, I will consult other sources to provide one as soon as possible. I am here for you. I want to be YOUR Smith Lake Real Estate Agent. I look forward to to showing you all of the Smith Lake houses for sale!

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