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Smith Lake Real Estate Agent

Why do you need a Smith Lake Real Estate Agent? Lewis Smith Lake is a majestic oasis nestled in The Bankhead National Forest of Alabama. The real estate in and around Smith Lake radiates an indescribable beauty that is indisputably appreciated by the home owners and visitors who are privileged to enjoy this hidden gem. The deep, crystal clear waters provide a refreshing atmosphere for those individuals who are fortunate enough to experience the Smith Lake lifestyle. This is a lifestyle that portrays a small town feel combined with joy, relaxation, and reflection on the things that really matter, like family. What more could you ask for? From houses with easy access lots to homes with soaring mountain views, Smith Lake has it all. Smith Lake real estate is among the most diverse and desirable property in the nation. It is also among the cleanest lakes we have. If you enjoy being surrounded by natural beauty, you will be anxious to buy a house on Smith Lake so that you can call this paradise your home. When you are ready to buy the home of your dreams on Lewis Smith Lake, contact Lee Mckibben. I will assist you with the purchase of Smith Lake real estate in a friendly and helpful manner. I am the Smith Lake real estate agent who absolutely loves Smith Lake, and discovering your dream home should be an exciting process.

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About Lee McKibben – Smith Lake Real Estate Agent

This incredible reservoir has been a source of recreation and refuge for me since my childhood. I have been a full time resident of Smith Lake for over twenty years, living on both the Cullman County and Winston County sides of the lake. I am proud to call this scenic mountain lake my home. With its deep,clean water, I do not hesitate to share this pristine asset with my son and his friends in an effort for them to enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.

You can not help but to appreciate the beauty that resonates from the crystal clear water and the whispering winds of the Bankhead National Forest. I am follow the real estate agent who follows through with my commitments and returns calls and emails as quickly as possible. I feel that communication is paramount to the success of the relationships that I develop with my clients. I work as hard as I can to fill the needs of my clients who also become my friends. Formerly licensed with All Four Real Estate, Inc. – The Smith Lake Specialists located at Duncan Bridge and Life On The Lake Realty. I am currently licensed with NuWave Realty. NuWave Realty is centrally located on Lewis Smith Lake in Winston County, not far from Duncan Bridge Marina. We work the entire lake, and we will help you enjoy your search for the perfect home on Lewis Smith Lake.

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Smith Lake Real Estate Agent

Helping find your buy Lyrica online india Smith Lake Home My primary concern as your Smith Lake Real Estate Agent is to help you buy or sell Smith Lake real estate at the best terms possible and in the most efficient manner. It is very important to me for you to see me as an invaluable asset. I am aware that many buyers and sellers do not live near their properties, and I want you to be able to both trust and depend on me to look out for your best interests.  I have personally bought and sold land and houses on Smith Lake, I have built houses and boat docks, and I have assembled and installed boat lifts. This experience gives me unmatched knowledge of the excitement, stress, and challenges that my clients face when buying or selling real estate, especially on the lake. I am not your ordinary Smith Lake real estate agent. I have so much more to offer.I am proficient in valuation, negotiation, and mapping. I also possess a thorough knowledge of Smith Lake via land and water. You will immediately appreciate the wealth of knowledge that I will provide you, and see that I strive hard to resolve any problems that may arise. If I do not have an immediate solution, I will consult other sources to provide one as soon as possible. I am here for you. I want to be YOUR Smith Lake Real Estate Agent. View Houses for Sale on Smith Lake HERE

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