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Smith Lake Dock

Can I Have a Dock at my Smith Lake Home?

Everybody wants to know, “What about boat docks on Lewis Smith Lake? Can I have one?”

Smith Lake Dock Answer

Generally speaking, most lots with 100 feet or more of shore line will most likely be allowed a boat dock, a swim pier, or some combination of both. Most docks on Lewis Smith Lake float on encapsulated foam because the lake is so deep.The majority of docks are constructed from aluminum or steel. Most of the  docks are floored with aluminum, wood , composite wood, or concrete squares. Docks can be purchased as single slips, double slips, and swim platforms. Some of the docks are even double deckers, so you can use the top portion as a huge deck. As you can imagine, some of these docks are extremely nice. Most people also purchase boat lifts so that they can leave their boats in the docks most of the year. It makes lake life much easier because you do not have to constantly drag your boat to and from the boat launch. As you are probably already aware, this also helps with the maintenance on the boat since the crud does not build up on the hull or motor. The boat lifts also help secure the boat in the dock, keeping it from beating up against the dock when the waves come in. You do not have to have a boat lift, but it sure makes things easier and more enjoyable. You will be allowed up to 60 feet of walkway or bridge to your dock. You will also have to abide by the 1/3 rule if your property is located in a slough or narrow body of water. The 1/3 rule gives you 1/3 of the distance across the body of  water, 1/3 of the distance for your neighbor across the lake,  and the middle 1/3 for navigation. There are other guidelines that may be of concern for you as well. Alabama Power requires that all docks must be permitted. For a complete list of guidelines and permit requirements, Contact Alabama Power.
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