Smith Lake, Arley Women’s Club

Coming to the Lake

When you move to “THE LAKE”, there are many surprises awaiting you. The majority of which are absolutely delightful. First, there are NO streetlights. The light that shines in the night is the brilliant stars God created all those years ago (as IN THE BEGINNING!) Once a month, the moon is full and you think you forgot to shut the floodlights off outside the house.  That reflection that moves across the lake from the face of the moon is what Andy Williams sang about when he sang “Moon River.” Lots for Smith Lake Homes The next surprise you will notice, is that during the week when you step out onto your deck, is the quiet. No car traffic. Sure you might hear the gentle motor of an early morning fisherman, or the swish of a kayak paddle, but it is quiet. And as the sun rises, you will be serenaded by the God’s choir, song birds. With the occasional bass honk from passing Canada Geese, this will become your most favorite “easy listening station.” Your new artwork becomes whatever shadow moves across the piece of water in front of you on any given minute. We like to sit on the dock or deck and watch the lake move, this way or that.  The discussion might be, “are they letting water out of the dam today?” Or, “you can tell there are a lot of boats on the main body today.”    If you love wildlife, you will have an assortment you only thought existed at the Zoo. We have coyotes that howl across the lake (never have figured out just where across the lake.) This morning we were met by the fragrance of Pepe Le Peu when we opened the front door.  We have a beautiful Red Fox that visits and occasionally helps itself to the breadcrumbs left for the birds. There are an assortment of turtles (water and land) to watch as they slowly move across the road or glide through the water. Yes, there are snakes. Mostly good and you learn to determine which is which. And lizards, they eat nasty bugs and some look like prehistoric dinosaurs! The blue tailed skink changes colors to fit its environment and the tail will come off if you try to catch it by grabbing that shiny blue extension. You may have full time neighbors. But more often, just folks that pull in on a Thursday or Friday night and are gone by Sunday at 3pm. They may bring carloads of friends and family, or just themselves, but they are here today, gone “tomorrow.”  With full time neighbors, a family situation is formed. You leave house keys and emergency numbers with them, “just in case.” They gather on the road after the storms and cut down pine trees from the power lines together as a unit, so you can go to work when the danger passes.  They call to check on you when the power is out and suggest which generator to buy.  They are the ones you call when you are baking a cake and need “just one more egg.”  You may not see them for weeks on end, but you know they are there Sunday through Sunday through Sunday. Smith Lake Camping    You will never regret purchasing property on Lewis Smith Lake. It is a place where you can create your own entertainment, rest your soul, and meet the most wonderful people. Speaking of wonderful people, there is a group of women who meet every month, the Arley Women’s Club. They meet at the Arley Public Library and have many sub-units to meet just about every woman’s needs. There is a yoga group, bridge group, book club, litter brigade, and  road trips are taken (with lunch always on the agenda.) It is a way for new lake ladies to meet and make new friends. Once a year, the Club hosts the Annual Arley Day Festival. The 42nd Arley Day Festival will be May 16 at the Hamner Park. It will include a band playing 50’s, 60’s and 70’s tunes, local musicians, children’s and adults games, local artists, and a Car Show. It all begins early in the morning with Meeks Band of Champions hosting a 5K. There will be a Parade at 9. The Arley First Baptist Church’s Brotherhood will host a Pancake Breakfast at the Fire Department.  This is an opportunity to support the Arley community and it is met with much enthusiasm each year. Facebook Rebecca Seehusen for more information about The Arley Women’s Club. She would love to speak with you!!!!
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